Tiger Lawyer!

So while ZooDotCom has been on hiatus, I’ve still been very busy working on comics!

In a collaboration with Ryan Ferrier I drew the first story, “Attorney at Rawr,” in Tiger Lawyer #1.

Without spoiling anything, I think you can figure out that it’s a comic about a tiger who, uh, happens to be a lawyer. :-) Great stuff! A lot of fun to work on, and even more fun to read!

You can pick a copy up at tigerlawyercomic.com (direct link).

Right now I’m hard at work drawing a new story for the next issue of Tiger Lawyer!

Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Ryan has started an IndieGoGo campaign (it’s like kickstarter) to help support Tiger Lawyer #2.

I have a new storyline coming up for what I’m calling ZooDotCom Season 2, but it’s still a few weeks out. Oh, I have some exciting news regarding ZooDotCom in print form too – more on that soon!

Mon May 14, 2012   News Comics

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