Here’s some nifty stuff you can buy to show your support for ZooDotCom. Thanks!

As a general rule I’ll draw just about anything with limited complexity and a “PG-13”-ish rating, but no mature content (i.e. porn). Don’t forget to read the fine print.



What will the sketch look like?

I’m not sure yet. You haven’t told me what you want! Seriously though, if you look at the various sketches I’ve posted to the blog, you’ll get a good idea of the kind of art to expect.

What’s the “Making Of” Video?

If you select this option, I’ll record a screencast of my drawing process. It’ll be encoded in H.264 and sized down to about 800x400 or so (about half the size of my screen). I can keep it at full resolution, if you’d prefer (be sure and specify that in “Special instructions” section at PayPal).

Why Are You Doing This?

Well, first of all, I’d like to give something to those who donate to ZooDotCom. This seems like a good way to do that.

Also, frankly, I could use the dough. :-) I’m hoping that it’ll encourage some donations so I can make a little rent money.

I Don’t Really Want a Sketch, Can I Just Donate Outright?

But of course. You can donate by hitting the button below (Or, you could send something from my Wishlist… I’m just sayin’.)

And thank you. :-)

Where Did You Get the Idea to Do This?

Well, Yirmumah did something like this recently. And John Norton of George comics does something similar. I thought it was a good idea. And imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

The Fine Print

  1. You are purchasing a non-commercial 625x500 pixel, 72dpi, 24bit PNG file that will be emailed to you.

  2. Due to the low commission price, the amount of time spent on the drawing will be limited to around 10-20 minutes (depending on selected options).

  3. I guarantee the quality of the drawing will meet or exceed my own personal standards of drawings done within a such a short time span. :-)

  4. All purchases are final. I don’t offer refunds for any reason.

  5. Accuracy of subject matter is relative to my knowledge of it, or a whatever a quick Google search can teach me.

  6. If you’d like to use your drawing for commercial purposes, you can pay a one time licensing fee for the art, and I will deliver a high resolution version of the image for you to use without the title or URL stamped on the image.

    That said, I’m not responsible for any copyright infringement that may be caused by your using said image in a commercial manner.

  7. I reserve the right to refuse service (but probably won’t invoke it).

  8. I retain the right to use the sketch in promotional materials either on the web or in print form.

Any other questions or concerns can be emailed to matt@zoodotcom.com.