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New Minicomic!

Last weekend was another Monthly Minicomic Challenge! Always good fun.

This time I wrote/drew a sequel to an early minicomic of mine titled Eight Legs One Demand. You may remember it, I serialized it here on ZooDotCom last year.

Also, even though ZdC has been on hiatus, I’ve actually been quite busy creating comics. But I’ll save the details on that for a later post.

For now, enjoy Eight Legs, One Demand!

Eight Legs, One Demand; Part 1       Eight Legs, One Demand; Part 2

(If you’re reading this in a feedreader, you’ll need to be on my site for the links to work. Sorry.)

Mon May 7, 2012   News Minicomics

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TMNT: Spy Game Comic

So for January’s Monthly Minicomic Challenge I decided to created a TMNT fan comic. Why not, right?

TMNT - Spy Game

If you’re reading this on the website (as opposed to a feed reader), click the cover to read it. You can also download it as a CBZ, or an iPad optimized PDF.


Fri Jan 13, 2012   News Minicomics

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Minicomic Anthology: Jumblaya! #1

Jumblaya! #1, a collection of some of my minicomics all bound up in a handy, iPad-ready*, ebook!

52 pages of weirdness and fun!

Available now for only $1.99.

Update 5/12: I've put it up on Gumroad. Its recommended price is $1, but it's set up to allow you to pay whatever you want!

* You don't have to have an iPad to read it, anything that can display PDFs will work!