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widdle furbolg

Website updates! Woohoo! OK, that might not excite you as much as it does me. But the updates’ve been long overdue, believe-you-me.


Smell that? ZooDotCom is now completely PHP-free. Smells much cleaner. Plus, the site should load much faster now too. So that’s all good. But if you find any broken links, please let me know!

“Great,” you say, “new website. Whoop-de-doo. What about some f$&k!n’ new comics up in this joint?!”

First of all, calm down… Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? Second of all, yes! There will be new comics! There will be new short-story comics you can find at, as well as new mini-comics (from participating in And, of course, new ZooDotCom comics as well! I’m not sure what the update schedule will look like yet, but there will be updates – of some kind – every week!

And to make sure you have a good feeling about all this, I’ll part with a sketch. This is from a test page of one of the short stories that will be available at, when it’s done.

Moonkin P.I. Test Panels

Wed Aug 17, 2011   News Sketch

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Krang and His Robot Body, Steve Ballmer

Back to drawing more Turtles stuff.

Ah, Krang. How you put up with the Shredder and his goons for so long is a mystery to me. But it does explain why you were exiled from Dimension X –

Wait a second! Now that I think about it, does Krang’s robot “body” look a lot like the wrong Steve, Steve Ballmer?

Somebody needs to see if there’s an evil alien brain living inside Ballmer’s mid-section! (Some might argue it’d be the only brain he has… Ah thank you)

Wed Aug 4, 2010   Sketch

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What if a certain plumber had acquired the Orb of Ra?

Mon Aug 2, 2010   Sketch

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When I can’t think of anything else to draw, I’ll wind up drawing the Turtles a lot of the time.

Wed Jul 28, 2010   Sketch

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#tuesdaysketch: Caricature

This week’s #tuesdaysketch theme was “Caricature.” I nearly skipped it. ‘Cause caricature’s have never been my thing. In fact, I’d always dread the (inevitable) day when my friends would ask me to draw them. But then I thought. What the hell, this is all about stretching yourself, right?

So anyway, I drew it from memory (probably should have google image searched first, but what’s the fun in that?). Feel free to guess who this is.

Tue Jul 27, 2010   Sketch

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