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Airborne Bacon

Airborne Bacon

Holy Hovering Hamhocks Batman! A new site!

Also a new comic this (and every) Friday!

You may also want to , as I’ll post comic updates and previews there.

Tue Jun 4, 2013   News

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Back in June!

Oh yes, that which is long overdue is actually, finally, going to happen.

No, not hoverboards. No, not an actually good Star Wars movie (well, maybe that one)… Just, stop guessing, I’ll tell you! New Comics! That’s what’s finally going to happen!

So check back the first week in June (yes, this June) for more ZooDotCom strips! You’ll be glad you did! I guarantee* it!

* No actual guarantee offered.

Tue May 21, 2013   News

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Tiger Lawyer!

So while ZooDotCom has been on hiatus, I’ve still been very busy working on comics!

In a collaboration with Ryan Ferrier I drew the first story, “Attorney at Rawr,” in Tiger Lawyer #1.

Without spoiling anything, I think you can figure out that it’s a comic about a tiger who, uh, happens to be a lawyer. :-) Great stuff! A lot of fun to work on, and even more fun to read!

You can pick a copy up at (direct link).

Right now I’m hard at work drawing a new story for the next issue of Tiger Lawyer!

Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Ryan has started an IndieGoGo campaign (it’s like kickstarter) to help support Tiger Lawyer #2.

I have a new storyline coming up for what I’m calling ZooDotCom Season 2, but it’s still a few weeks out. Oh, I have some exciting news regarding ZooDotCom in print form too – more on that soon!

Mon May 14, 2012   News Comics

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New Minicomic!

Last weekend was another Monthly Minicomic Challenge! Always good fun.

This time I wrote/drew a sequel to an early minicomic of mine titled Eight Legs One Demand. You may remember it, I serialized it here on ZooDotCom last year.

Also, even though ZdC has been on hiatus, I’ve actually been quite busy creating comics. But I’ll save the details on that for a later post.

For now, enjoy Eight Legs, One Demand!

Eight Legs, One Demand; Part 1       Eight Legs, One Demand; Part 2

(If you’re reading this in a feedreader, you’ll need to be on my site for the links to work. Sorry.)

Mon May 7, 2012   News Minicomics

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TMNT: Spy Game Comic

So for January’s Monthly Minicomic Challenge I decided to created a TMNT fan comic. Why not, right?

TMNT - Spy Game

If you’re reading this on the website (as opposed to a feed reader), click the cover to read it. You can also download it as a CBZ, or an iPad optimized PDF.


Fri Jan 13, 2012   News Minicomics

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