The Peaceful Moonkin

I let August go by without a blog post of any kind! That's just wrong. Yes, I updated the strip. But you I expect more!

I'm always drawing, and try to do warm up and/or daily sketches... So from now on I'll be sharing at least one of those a week with you, here on the site as a blog post.

I'll kick things off with a warm up sketch (and coloring experiment) from yesterday.

"The Peaceful Moonkin"

Wed Sep 16, 2009   News

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It's rather sad, but I've been using Manga Studio EX 4 since it first came out -- and I've only just now discovered the Color Blend Brush! It's pretty cool. I can just flat the colors, as usual, and add some spot colors for highlights/shadows, then blend away. Here are some progress shots:

Dude, Flatted Color Dude, Spot Highlights and Colors

Sun Sep 13, 2009   News

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Happy Labor Day

To my American brethren (Or anyone else who celebrated the holiday today), I wish you Happy Labor Day!

Due to the holiday (due to my taking it off, that is), there's no strip today. However, to tide you over, feel free to read a few short stories by your's truly:


Mon Sep 7, 2009   News

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The Landing Has Eagled

Forty years and one day ago (puh-lease, anybody could have posted on the actual anniversary), Apollo 11 landed on the moon. And immediately thereafter Starbuck starting hitting on the moon rocks. No wait. In the seventies, Starbuck was hitting on coffee. Wait, that's not right either. Starbucks started serving coffee. Or something.

History really wasn't my best subject.

Tue Jul 21, 2009   News

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ZdC Now on Facebook

Do you have a Facebook account? Oh, of course, sorry. You a fan of ZdC? I should hope so! Then add yourself as a fan at the Facebook ZooDotCom page.

ZooDotCom on Facebook

Fri Jul 17, 2009   News

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