Turns out Fry Guys aren't made of fries.

Have a scary holiday!

Thu Oct 29, 2009   News

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Tweet to Win a Signed Print

Update: The contest is over. Congrats to @qaz20! My thanks goes out to everyone who played.

RIPT Apparel - Buy this one of a kind custom tee shirt for t-shirt lovers for only 24 hours

My shirt "Galactic Junkyard" is available, TODAY ONLY, from RIPT! It's only $10, so it'd make a great gift too! (In addition to the one you'll be getting for yourself, of course.)

To help promote it, I'm running a single day twitter contest. If you click the button below, you'll be automatically entered to win a signed print of the entire current storyline!

Tomorrow, Saturday Oct 17th, a winner will be chosen at random from those who participated and announced on @zoodotcom's twitter page.

Good luck, and thanks!

"Buy @zoodotcom's t-shirt 'Galactic Junkyard' for $10, today only at http://riptapparel.com"

Thu Oct 15, 2009   News

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Galactic Junkyard Shirt, This Friday Only!

My shirt design “Galactic Junkyard” goes on sale at RIPT this Friday!

It’s only available on Friday (Oct 16th), so don’t miss it! Plus, it’s only 10 bucks (plus shipping) so it’d make an excellent gift!

Also, I wrote an article where I outlined my working process for designing that very shirt, you can read it here.

Wed Oct 14, 2009   News

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Website Updates

You may or may not have noticed already, but I've made a few updates to the website. There's finally support for storylines!

Also, you can tweet/bookmark/share strips or blog posts really easily now using the service icons (just at the top of this post there, see it?) And I encourage you to do so! I appreciate it very much, believe me.

The archives are now grouped per storyline instead of showing every strip. And as an experimental feature, I've added support for viewing an entire storyline at once, like this. You'll have to let me know what you think. If it's popular, I'll add better navigation (next story, last story, etc).

I'm also thinking of selling prints of entire storylines too. Not too sure how that would work yet.

And don't forget, you can donate or buy a sketch to show your support for ZooDotCom. Thanks!

Tue Oct 13, 2009   News

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Dwergi Sketch

In a recent strip, I had a little cameo of a Dwergi (yes, from Van Helsing fame infamy).

I did this sketch when I was deciding how I wanted to draw 'em.

Dwergi hosted by Ember

Fri Oct 9, 2009   News

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